EJ Richards. Specialized Dolce 54: Had a bike fit at C&N and it was fantastic. It's very reasonably priced for what you get, which is Paul's many years of knowledge and friendly, unpretentious and direct approach to getting you comfortable and efficient on whatever bicycle you happen to bring with you. I felt really well looked after, I brought my trusty 10 year old steed and Paul didn't even bat an eyelid, just got on and got me into the best possible position. I left a considerably faster and more efficient cyclist with a much greater understanding of optimal riding. Highly recommend C&N.

John M, Cube Attain Pro 56cm: I had a bike fitting with PAUL with a bike purchased from another retailer. Paul was excellent explaining the process at each stage with every change he made to my bike. He used all current technology as well as his years of experience to get the right fit for me. Refreshingly there was no attempt to sell me anything during the process and its clear he enjoys his work to get the right fit for customers and their bikes. I would highly recommend anybody with a bike or about to purchase a bike to get a fitting from PAUL to optimise your comfort and performance. The store are excellent in giving you pre appointment advice, car parking for your appointment etc, very helpful. The cost for the fitting with the service I was provided was well worth the money and I would recommend this bike store and fitting service to anybody who is looking to get the best from your rides and bike.

Leon G, Orro Venturi: Had a bike fit here. Paul is very knowledgeable and most importantly interested in you walking away happy with your fit, much more so than trying to upsell you things you don't need. Highly recommend this place for value & the care they show about the process

Cheryl B, Specialized Allez 54. I went for a bike fit carried out by Paul. He was very thorough and very helpful. He also gave me lots of advice and as I'm fairly new to road cycling I found that extremely helpful. I went out on my bike yesterday after the bike fit and certainly noticed a difference. It has certainly improved the way I ride.

Dr Christian P, Cervelo S2 58cm: Hi Paul, Went for a high effort workout ???? bike felt amazing! Felt so much more connected to the bike and arms weren’t aching at all. Thanks again!!

Jason T, Planet X Exocet 2 TT Bike with Tri Bars: I'm relatively new to cycling and me being me got a little ambitious during the lockdown and booked in for Ironman Staffordshire on the 12th of June. Without any advice or real knowledge, I went out and got myself a cool looking TT bike. I mean this bike looks great but as I soon discovered it's a beast to ride. I was listening to someone and heard a bike fit is one of the best investments when first starting out. Initially I thought this can't be right; I mean how hard can it be to adjust your seat height! So I turn up at C & N Cycles early, feeling a little sceptical about what I might get for my money. First of all, I was early and the good news, there are plenty of places to eat within a few mins of the shop and parking was easy. I left the bike in the shop for food and and when I went back Paul already had it set up on the jig and instantly made me feel welcome.

Adam C, Trek Émonda SL5 Disc: Excellent bike fit with Paul, very knowledgeable and taught me loads. Really thorough, a definite improvement to my bike. Would highly recommend the bike fit

Mark H, Giant Defy XL. Very professional and knowledgeable, the bike fitting has made a big difference to my rides. As a person who has done a few 100k rides before but is now planning a 300k ride in a few months, getting a proper bike fitting was an excellent recommendation from a friend! I also recommend it to anyone who spends a fair amount of time in the saddle!

Hadley Lyas 'Tri Surrey'; Ridley Dean TT Bike: Paul was excellent again. Understood what I wanted and set it up perfectly; rode yesterday and felt just great:

Joe, Colnago CX Zero : Paul. A quick note to thank you very much for the bike fit you ran for my son Joe a couple of months ago. He was really impressed at the attention to detail and insights he gained from the session. He claims it made him faster and a lot more comfortable on the bike, and that all added up to him successfully completing his London - Brighton - Oxford - London ride; 215 miles by the day's end. And he made it back in time for last orders. Again, many thanks for a superb service

Steve Grout: Cannondale Super Six 54cm and a Cervello TT Bike: Had a couple of bike fits and found process and outcome really good. Also they done some work on bikes and always excellent work. Always seem to give best advice rather than make money out of you! Importantly a nice team, knowledgeable and friendly.

Jack, Cannondale Caad 9: I had the bike fit with Paul. It was a relaxed and interesting morning in the shop. Paul made some really beneficial changes to my bikes setup that resulted in significant improvements on the road. What was particularly reassuring was that while the shop is kitted out with all the necessary equipment, and Paul can draw on best practice, he also has a wealth of experience from working with a variety of riders.

Keith, 'Look 765 optimum' size Medium: An honest and informative bike fit with Paul. A new experience for me, but one that was very beneficial. Would certainly recommend. Time and money well spent; definitely more efficient and quicker.

Peter, Trek Madone 58cm: Paul did a great job fitting me to my bike and helping me understand all aspects of the fit. Tremendous service and would definitely recommend

Rowena: 'Liv' Road bike: Very friendly and super knowledgeable. In my 'bike fitting' with Paul he took the time to explain things to me at a level I understood, put me at ease very quickly and did a great job with my bike that I left with them for servicing. I’d add I’m still a beginner cyclist - there was no sense than I was treated any differently to professional riders that they have fitted. Thanks all, Rowena.

Matt:Trek Emonda ALR5, 'sizing' then 'collection fit': Wow, I just did my maiden voyage on the purple beast and it was amazing 40km’s around box hill. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all your great advice and Paul for such incredible passion and knowledge whilst fitting the bike, it fits like a glove, or a bike that’s meant to fit. All the best guys and thanks again for helping me pick such an awesome machine.

Álvaro García: Cube Attain Race: As soon as I got home my friends and I went out to Windsor for a ride. Numbers were pretty good even though the weather conditions were awful (too windy) we still managed to do 90 km with an average of 27.4 km/h. And guess what, no pain, no uncomfortable posture, Sidas footbeds were really good, it felt like I was riding like that for ages, my body gave me a great feedback from the fit, so hats off for you Paul; you have done an amazing job. It was an amazing experience the service was outstanding and the amount of advice and knowledge I got from the session was priceless. Thanks a lot Paul and will be in touch for sure!

Danny: I bought a Cannondale System Six and adjusted the fit by feel. I decided to seek a professional fit and choose C&N due to the vast experience and rave reviews. In the time spent with them I learnt a lot about micro adjustments to the bike and myself. I would recommend C&N to anyone from novice to a pro

Veselka Marinova, 'Cannondale Top Stone': Very knowledgeable and experience people work at the shop; I had a thorough and detailed bike fit. Bike feels better now, numbness in the hands is significantly reduced. I hope that with few more rides it will disappear completely. I will recommend your services to all my cycling friends. Thank you guys!

Richard, Boardman Team CX I used the Redhill shop many years ago for bike servicing when I worked locally. The staff were always friendly and the quality of what they did was always very good. Move on many years, I have retired and no longer work locally. Now looking for a 'bike fit' a friend recommended the same shop. Some of the staff were the same which was reassuring but more important the quality of the bike fit itself was outstanding. This was solely down to the individual who carried out the fit. Paul was clearly very experienced in what he does and that showed throughout the time I was there. Every aspect was clearly explained and as the cyclist I always felt that I was key to the process which for me was so important. Cannot thank Paul enough for the work he did and cannot recommend both him and this shop highly enough. Fantastic experience.

John Allen: Trek Domane SL 5 54 Rage Red/Trek Black sizing and collection fit: I had a great experience with C&N Cyles. From my initial phone inquiry about stock levels, then communication over the next few days, through to purchase, collection and finally a safe 'bike fit' with Paul who was extremely professional and is for sure, a master of his craft. I learnt a great deal and would certainly purchase from C&N again. Kudos!

S Nash, 'Cannondale Super Six' : Hi Paul, Just an update on todays 'Redhill Cycling Club' ride. This morning I rode nearly 70 miles with RCC with no issues at all. Also achieved over 25 PRs on Strava so I think that it speaks for itself. I am definitely stronger up the long drags as you pointed out and also was 1st out of 13 riders up the big climbs of the day including Leith Hill. There were also some comments from other riders saying how strong I was on the bike today and I think you might get a few in for a bike fit. Once again Paul many thanks for last weeks bike fit and I wish I had it done years ago!

Eddie Jenvey 'Sizing fit' on his Trek Madone for a Trek Domane: Following up on your changes to my Madone, now that I have had a more representative ride, a club ride of about 30 miles yesterday, my most significant impression was of the almost complete absence of leg fatigue. I found it much easier to keep pace with the group. The overall result is very encouraging and I will undoubtedly be sticking with your settings. I find it amazing to think that for a number of years I have unknowingly handicapped myself with a poor setup.I am looking forward to more club runs.

Crispin, www.cavespider.co.uk, Specialized Allez. The changes you made did have a direct effect best demonstrated immediately after I had seen you. The hill climb described on Strava as 'Fullers Wood Top section’ takes me normally around 4’40”. After your adjustments I did this in 4’07”, a similar result on a number of other sections on my route. So really pleased, thank you

John Bell Cervelo Rd bike. I am very pleased that I made the decision to have a bike fitting with C&N. Even though I was able cycle for long distances (80 miles +) without issues, I felt that I was not getting the most out of my rides and wanted to optimise my position to get more speed on my longer rides.

I spent over 2 hours with Paul, who spent considerable time discussing my riding objectives and taking numerous measurements before making various adjustments to my bike and cleats.

By the end of the fitting my riding position had changed dramatically, with a significantly higher saddle and much lower handlebars. We discussed whether the changes were too much for 1 hit but decided to give it go.

I felt a bit tight across the shoulders during my first couple of rides so went back to see Paul. He offered to raise the bars but thought that I might be tensing up too much and suggested that I make conscious effort to relax in the new position. This tip worked and no further adjustments were required.

A few months on, I am very happy with my new riding position. I’m riding faster and feel that I am now getting the most out of my rides, especially when I decide to push hard. I would highly recommend the both the fitting and the after-service provided by C&N