Van Nicholas

The Titanium Bike Experts, we believe that nothing looks, rides or lasts like a Van Nicholas. Our knowledge and experience of working with Titanium is second to none, and our passion is unrivaled. Nobody does Titanium like Van Nicholas, That's why they are The Titanium Bike Experts.

Van Nicholas and C & N Cycles

Each Van Nicholas is built to your personal specification, with such a variety of models we know it can bit confusing, especially as you really want to get it just right; and that's where we come in. Our head bike fitter Paul has a personal history with Van Nicholas dating back to 2001, working closely with their founder and former owner Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas. Paul was instrumental in the design of what was to become the Van Nicholas Yukon, which is still their best selling bike in the UK.  Who better to help you choose the perfect Van Nicholas bike, in the perfect size and specification just for you.


If you are not sure of what size frame you need we have a sizing form (click for link) that only takes a few minutes to complete. Better still why not book in a sizing fit with Paul,  this initially costs £75.00, but refunded upon a purchase of a new bike. 


We normally have at least 4 differnt models in stock view, to see what is in stock today click here