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About the Staff


Damian started as a Saturday boy and loved the company so much he bought the business; all seven floors of it! Damian competes each winter in the London Cross League as part of our ever growing 'Race Team' that we are proud to say has a significant presence at each event. Damian is also a keen endurance rider, often taking part in challenging events like the 'Ride 100', as well as training camps in the high mountains. As you can expect Damian is extremely well qualified practically and technically, as both a Cyctech mechanic level 3 and Level 2 Trek Bikefitter; a level of experience that few stores can rival. He also knows what's in every drawer, in every room, on every floor; so if you need one of those hard to find widgets that they stopped making in 'the hot summer of '76' then he's your man. Sign in and follow Damian on Strava. Favourite Coffee, Classic Americano with full fat milk.


Amy is the Queen of the workshop; who are we kidding, she's the Queen of the entire store! A qualified Cyctech Level 2 mechanic, passing with the highest grades on her course. Although her focus is the workshop there is not much Amy does not add value to, a regular shout from Paul being, "Amyyyyyyy; what button do I need to press on the till now!!". Like Damian she competes in the London Cross league throughout the winter for team. When she's not getting down and dirty she lives at 'Donyngs Leisure Centre', and when we say "live" that's no exaggeration, she often swims before work then goes back again in the evening for some kind of eye watering exercise class! Out of 'cross season' Amy doesn't let the grass grow under her feet, competes in Triathlons and local sportives, one fit lady is our Amy. Sign in and follow her on StravaFavourite Coffee, normally known to freestyle with something new, something with marshmallows, something with honeycomb, but normally something that has Paul and Damian shaking their heads in disbelief at the youth of today!


Paul is our Bike Fitter, with 30 years experience in the Cycle Trade, fifteen years as the manager at Pearson Cycles in Sutton, then running the CTC Shop  at GB Cycles in Croydon, before moving onto Corridori Cycle Sport, where he was their qualified ‘Specialized Body Geometry Bike Fitter'. He has also been involved with bike design, working closely with Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas, the owner and founder of Van Nicholas, the Titanium Bike Company, helping them design their best selling bike in the UK, the Van Nicholas Yukon. From 2013 to 2016 he worked for www.enigmabikes.com; bike fitting and custom frame design; he has also had several reviews published by www.roadcyclinguk.com. A life long member of the Surrey Road Cycle Club and an ex 2nd Cat roadman he was a regular competitor in Surrey League series; he actually competed in the very first one! Always a keen Cycle tourer he has ridden many long distance tours, including the 'End to End' classics of Britain (Lands End to John O'Groats or Lejog), France and Ireland, to name just three. many as a 'Tour Leader' working for www.Bikeadventures.co.uk, a few of which can be seen on his blog www.plsmith.co.ukFavourite Coffee, double shot latte or a cheeky espresso.


Tom is our Saturday boy extraordinaire and when it comes to athleticism even our Amy struggles to match him! With Tom, Cycling is in the blood as he comes from a cycling family. Tom rides for the extremely successful 'Sutton Cycling Club' who we are pleased to announce for 2017 will be sponsored by C and N Cycles. Favourite Coffee is Coca Cola; he's still a young lad after all!


Giles runs the 'IT' department; which means that Damian and Paul spend most of the time thinking he is talking 'Klingon'! Yes yes yes the younger members of the team although completely understand what he's talking about are generally more excited that Giles normally has a healthy supply of cakes; player! Sharing the cakes means that he's still light enough to get airborne on his trusty Cannondale. Favourite Coffee is errrrrr; tea!