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Addiscombe Cycling Club



Leisure Rides.

Blessed with a complement of fully qualified cycling instructors this is the first ride to come out on if you want a gentle taster of what group cycling is like.

Club Run
Our classic club ride was one of the first ‘super sized’ rides to happen in recent years. It’s a great place to meet and make friends with other local riders.

Captain’s Group
Our rides are overseen by our club captain. Approachable and friendly you can ride out with him anytime you want.

Beginner’s Group
If the leisure rides are too slow for you but you aren’t sure about keeping up with the faster groups or the group riding etiquette that goes along with them this is the place for you.

Intermediate’s Group
Gifted with good fitness or just want a tougher work out then these rides will have you sweating and smiling at the same time.

Training Group
When everything else seems too easy or you want to start racing the training group is the closest training ride we’ve got to being in a full race scenario.

The Alternatives
From a time before cycling was cool, before expensive retro cycling clothing and before the fixie fad there were the guys who kept it traditional without trying. We’re blessed we’ve still got those guys…

Wednesday Rides
On the first Wednesday of the month it’s the coffee club ride for those lucky enough to be on flexi time.

Sunday Rides
We put a Sunday ride on for those who prefer to get out on the traditional club run day of old.

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