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Sutton Cycling Club


Updated 17th November 2013

Following the huge surge in interest in cycling after the London Olympics, the Club has been oversubscribed, and has had to set up a waiting list.

We are sorry to have to do this, but we want to continue providing enjoyable sessions where all riders get the attention they need from our coaches.

If you think you might like your child to join the Club in the future, please email Club Secretary Catherine Mahé secretary@suttoncycling.co.uk with your child's details: name, age, level of riding; discipline interested in, if any; where you live and anything else you feel might be relevant. His/her name will then be added to the waiting list.

We generally like to invite children from the list for a special Go-Ride starter session as a group. So far, this has worked out at approximately twice a term. During the past year we have had a significant increase in regular attendance by existing members and we have to be careful to stay within the rider/coach ratios. We are constantly monitoring attendance to see when we can next invite a small group of newcomers.

As it is the Go-Ride sessions at Northey Avenue that are very busy, it is sometimes possible to invite older riders (14+) who are interested in road and track, to a turbo or road session instead.

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