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Fitting Services

'Essential' or 'Sizing' fit

Price £60, in our first floor fitting suite

Suitable for the new road rider or those who ride without clip-in pedals

This fit is perfect is you have just purchased your first road bike and want to benefit from improved comfort by checking and optimising your key contact points on your bike, relative to your flexibility. Also valid for those who choosing a new bike, we know how confusing manufacturers listed geometry can be, one brands 54cm may actually be larger than another's 56cm for example, many a wrong size has been purchased as a result. Avoid what can be a costly mistake, with our sizing fit we can help you choose the perfect size just for you.

Our Essential bike fit is a slimmed down version of our more comprehensive Dynamic bike fitting.

  •          Interview covering cycle history, injury and discomforts on the bike
  •          Basic flexibility test
  •          Leg extension – saddle height optimised
  •          Saddle - width and tilt checked
  •          Stem - reach and height adjusted
  •          Bars – width, drop and reach assessed
  •          Recommendations on any parts needing replacing to achieve better fitting
  •          Bike measurements recorded

Dynamic Fit

Our Dynamic fit is perfect for more experienced rider, club cyclist and sportive riders who ride for over 1 hour at a time and use clip in pedal system.

Price £120 in our first floor fitting suite

  •          Interview covering cycle history, future goals and aspirations and cycling limitations
  •          Assessment of flexibility, range of motion, stability and asymmetry
  •          Assessment of foot dynamics
  •          Cleats correctly positioned for comfort and injury prevention
  •          KOPS – correct  knee over pedal position set
  •          Seat height, fore-and-aft and tilt
  •          Seat to bar reach
  •          Handlebar stem height
  •          Handle bar width, drop
  •          Brake leaver hood reach, height and angle checked
  •          Bike measurements recorded

Dynamic Tri Fit

Covers all the aspects of our dynamic fitting, plus a custom analysis of proper aero bar set-up

Price £140 in our first floor fitting suite

For further information or to enquire about availability or make a booking please click on the following link[email protected]

Sidas Custom footbeds from £65.00


The Custom technology gives 100% customization of your insoles. The specialist moulds and then heats a flat insole.

Foot support and stability is a major factor in creating an optimal position on the bike. A poorly supported foot can not only be uncomfortable, but can also have a significant knock-on effect at the knee and hip, reducing efficiency and increasing the risk of injury. At C and N Cycles we use Sidas custom footbeds to create a comfortable, stable and powerful interface between you and your bike. Using proven vacuum cast technology, we can create a unique footbed made specifically for your foot.

Sidas footbeds are used at World Tour-level by Trek Factory Racing – including Classics king Fabian Cancellera the 2016 Olympic time trial gold medaloist, as well as dozens of other professional riders.